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About Fanore

Fanore, one of the longest villages in Ireland, is situated on over 7 miles of Atlantic Coast. It is a beautiful, tranquil place where you can walk, hike or climb the Beautiful Burren and explore the flora, fauna and archaelogical sites. With a ‘blue flag’beach and golden sand don’t miss the opportunity to swim, surf or paddleboard. Or just relax and enjoy the experience of being in this unique place called the Burren.

There’s a handy shop and restaurant in the local village and a quick trip will bring you to nearby villages Ballyvaughan (9km) and Doolin (15km) with plenty of good food, drink and entertainment to choose from. You can also take a day trip to the buzzing city of Galway and market town of Ennis just an hour’s drive away.

Fanore has all the essential elements for the ideal rural Ireland holiday: a long, sandy beach with crystal clear waters and extensive sand dunes, a local pub – great for food and music and lots of activities for all ages.

fanore holiday cottages co. clare
fanore holiday cottages co. clare
fanore holiday cottages co. clare
fanore holiday cottages co. clare
fanore holiday cottages co. clare
fanore holiday cottages co. clare

Our Alpacas

We added alpacas to our farm in 2004 having travelled to Peru, the home of the alpacas to attend the Alpaca Fiesta.

We travelled throughout the country to source the best quality animals to bring to Ireland and got first-hand experience about the care and management of these unique animals from one of the most important Peruvian alpaca ranchers, Don Julio Barreda.

Alpacas are beautiful, gentle animals and make great pets.

They are famous for their magnificent fleece which makes the most beautifully light yet warm garments.

Most of the visitors to our holiday cottages consider getting up close and personal with both the cattle and the alpacas as a highlight of their trip!

Our Burren Mountain Tours

We created a 6 mile track around our mountain so that feed can be brought to the animals in the early spring. We also use this track for driving tours up through the 1,000 acres of limestone paving where visitors can take in the spectacular views of Galway Bay and the Aran Islands.

This is a great way to access the Burren – particularly for those with limited ability – and we enjoy sharing our experiences of living and working here with our visitors.

If you visit in spring, you’ll catch the Burren in Bloom with its exotic mix of rare flowers, such as gentian and orchids from different habitats and climate zones. So, while staying with us, why not come on tour with us and sit back and enjoy the most amazing views from the mountain top and learn a little about our life in the Burren!

fanore holiday cottages co. clare
fanore holiday cottages co. clare
fanore holiday cottages co. clare